Blooming in April, passion Decai ---- Decai Decoration party branch organize overall mountaineering activities
Published:2016-04-26      Posted by: Decai Decoration

In order to improve the fitness consciousnessof Decai Decoration whole staff, enhance the cohesion and combat effectivenessof Decai Decoration, cultivate spirit of team cooperation and solidarity, promotethe communication of each team, party branch of Decai Decoration co., LTD. organizeoverall arrived Maogong Mountain for mountaineering on April 24.

The event pre-set the plan, setup the activity group and emergency arrangements, ensure the specific arrangements,to carry out the personnel responsibility, made the full preparation. At 8 o'clock in the morning, we gathered the foot of the Maogong mountain, secretary Ye make the pep talk. SecretaryYe introduced that recently Decai party branch to carry out the organizationconstruction and education activities, he said, the company and the partybranch pay high attention to team construction and the development ofpublic benefit activities, as a party member should be basic-level partyorganization and play a vanguard role of party members in daily work, activelycontributing to social intelligence. This climbing activities can exercise, onthe other hand we can know about our party heroic of revolution, deeplyunderstand the hardships of our party revolution, and cherish present happylife.

Maogong mountain in April, plantstrong. There is only one new stone steps go to up the mountain. On the way, everyonefollow "revolutionary road" and read Chairman Mao's revolutionarydeeds, go up with the stairs, vie with each other, sweating but still cheerfultowards the top, laughter, fearlessness of hardship, bravely climbing,encouraging each other, help each other, work in unity and help one another and enterprising spirit. After climbingtop, everyone began to see Chairman Mao stone statue, to talk about the heroicdeeds of Chairman Mao. On the peak, blue sky, gentle breeze through, everyone forgotthe road hard, talked about the mountaineering feeling, laughter, andenjoyable.

The mountaineering activities,not only exercise everyone's body, cultivate the sentiment, enjoying life andgraceful, but also to promote communication and exchange among colleagues, andenhance team cohesion and enhance the cohesion of the party branch, firmdetermination and confidence in the working. After the event, Secretary Ye stressedthat the Decai party branch will continue to organized activities, good Servethe masses and can exercise party member `s spirit.

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