Qingdao international project development alliance was established, Decai Decoration was elected vice President
Published:2016-04-27      Posted by: Decai Decoration

In 2015, Qingdao contracted foreign projects business volume rankedsecond in the national vice- provincial city, after Shenzhen, and theengineering construction enterprises "walking out" is also increasingyear by year. At the April 27th forenoon, Qingdao international projectdevelopment alliance was established of "walking out" service, thealliance once a annual general meeting and the establishment meeting was heldin shangri-la hotel, Decai Decoration was invited to attend the conference as  sponsor unit, also Decai Decorationwas elected vice President in the meeting.

Qingdao international project development alliance is non-profit organizationscombine with the Qingdao urban and rural construction committee initiative to guide,Qingjian group, Zongqijiaojian Group, General construction company of Laixi, surveyingand mapping institute and Decai Decoration, etc. many leader companies. Atpresent, the alliance has to absorb construction, survey, design, supervision,construction cost consulting and so on alliance unit 45.

In 2012, DC-HD Design Company was set up in London, Britain. As theonly one Chinese design company which was established in London, DC-HD DesignCompany has more than 130 international first-class designers and enjoys a highreputation around the international market. With the help of DC-HD DesignCompany, Decai Group success to expand its business to international market,such as Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Caribbean Countries etc., andundertake a lot of urban planing, railway design, residential design, landscapedesign, large venues and hotel design projects. DC-HD Design Company alsodesigned Montenegro Naval port (Portonovi) as European landmark building. DecaiDecoration was elected vice President in Qingdao international projectdevelopment alliance meeting because of the outstanding achievements and DC -HD design institute awarded British branch office by alliance.

DecaiDecoration will give full play to “walk out” leading role, through the allianceto promote Qingdao engineering construction enterprises to participate in"the Belt and Road" construction,to realize the resource sharing, native development, mutually beneficial of Qingdao enterprise, enhance the overall ofthe Qingdao construction "walking out" develops the market, toundertake the level of the project.
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