Vice secretary of China national architecture research association Yang Dongsheng investigate Decai Decoration
Published:2016-05-11      Posted by: Decai Decoration

In May 4th -5th, 2016, vice secretaryof China national architecture research Yang Dongsheng special visit to DecaiDecoration for investigation and communication, Chief-Engineer Zhang Yong introduced qualificationadvantages in ancient landscape architecture field, technology researchstrength and outstanding achievements, and communication with the secretaryYang about Decai Decoration undertake  premiere of the sixth technologyprotection and development academic forum and “China ancient landscape architecturecreate technical guideline” in early August. Both sides examine forum assemblyand field trip. Vice secretary Yang given fully recognized and praised after heknew Decai Decoration development process, ancient landscape architecture outstandingachievements, special “repair ancient as old” protection national culturalrelics and technology development industry standard got outstandingachievements and  academic forum preparatorywork, he also full of confidence about company to undertake the academicsuccessful.

Itis understood, this academic forum is first grand meeting of domestic engagedin national construction management, protection, repair and development, urbanconstruction, ancient landscape architecture planning design, ancient buildingmaterials, ancient architectural planning, repair construction,  relatedpersonnel and technology industries. It will be positive promote role for traditionalbuilding techniques inheritance and innovation of our country. 
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