Investigate and study, promote ---- Decai Decoration organize project manager study project site at Fuwai hospital
Published:2016-05-16      Posted by: Decai Decoration

In May 14th, 2016,Decai Decoration organize project manager study project site at Qingdao Fuwaihospital , general manager Mr. Liu and  mangerZhu Minghua from interior decoration engineering company were attend investigationand communication.

At the beginning ofinvestigation, Mr. Zhu asked each project manager observe carefully, listencarefully, learn humbly and learn from others's strong, through the field investigation, communicationand discussion, learning Fuwai hospital in lightspot of project management,technology, process, quality, security. In the project site, project managerGong Zhenqiang of Fuwai hospital project explain in the hospital decorationprocess need special attention lighting, colors, fire protection, etc., andguide everyone to visit the public area, inspecting rooms, normal ward, senior wardand so on function areas. In each function area, aiming at different functionalrequirements, everyone examined the technology characteristics, and to discussthe specific part method, the specific technology method, understand thecharacteristics, difficulties and highlight in the process of project construction.Symposium after inspection, everyone published  insight after theinspection, manager Gong Zhenqiang suggested that everyone surrounding thequality and safety, completes the project pre-control, strict labor service management,promoting the comprehensive ability of the project management team,communication ability in the project management.

Since Decai Decoration established, it alwaysbeen adhering to "Integrity in accordance with virtue, quality be integrated into ability"management idea, strict project management, control project quality and safety,combine integrating internal and external resources, inspection training,improve the project manager`s professional knowledge, work skill and technicalmethod, etc. comprehensive ability, further improve company project managementlevel and quality, contribute better high-quality project for the society.
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