Chief-Engineer Zhang Yong of Decai Decoration attended "interior decoration material selection evaluation system” of national standard seminar
Published:2016-05-17      Posted by: Decai Decoration

May 14th ,2016,  "interiordecoration material selection evaluation system” and “material use requirementof Interior decoration formaldehyde material” two national standard seminarwere convened in Guangtian, Shenzhen. Chief Engineer Zhang Yong of Decai decorationwas invited to participate in standard seminar, discussed standards, division, improvementwith the industry experts. According to the set of "interior decorationmaterial selection evaluation system" about architectural interiordecoration design selection material has a guiding significance, its already formedwork discussion second draft.

Inseminar, Chief-Engineer Zhang Yong of Decai decoration actively participate inthe discussion of the national standard revisions, with experts discussed thedevelopment of Decai decoration edit standard and specific process of national standardproject approval, according to company experiences of standards and interiordecoration material selection to put forward suggestions of the standard complete.In addition, Chief-Engineer Zhang Yong examined the Chief-Engineer office and technologyresearch center of Guangtian, to visit and realize technology research centerof Wanke , and other enterprises, it will drive Decai decoration technologyresearch and development along the healthy direction and beneficial going.

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