Work together, create high-quality project——Decai Decoration interior decoration engineering company convened the 1st labor service conference
Published:2016-05-23      Posted by: Decai Decoration

May 21th, 2016, the1st labor services conference of Decai Decoration interior decorationengineering company was convened in the 21th floor meeting room in company, partybranch secretary Ye Desen, manger Zhu Minghua from interior decorationengineering company, CHO Tian Huina, manger of the each functional departmentsand nearly 40 labor service representative join in the conference.

At the beginningof conference, Mr. Zhu expression inhis speech, since Decai Decoration established, it always been adhering to "Integrityin accordance with virtue, quality be integrated into ability"management idea, through the strict management, efficient manage and realized awin-win cooperation with each labor service team, the labor services conferencewill set up better communication platform, make sure labor service each managementsystem, make the company and labor services team able to timely and effectivecommunication, work together, move forward together.

Subsequently,manager Wang Yongfeng form interior decoration engineering company explainlabor management system for every labor service team, noting that themanagement system is management and protection for labor service team, to hope laborservices team will strict demands on themselves, seriously implement managementsystem, better ensure project operation.

Finally, Secretary Ye Desen had conclusion speech,he said that Labor service team is an important partner of the company, hopethe labor service team can standardize management, effective communication,proactive and continuous improvement, also working together, made more and morebetter projects with social praise, engrave on industry's mind.Each labor service team has speech, they were grateful the company's supportand help for many years, hope to growth with the company and continue toascend.
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